What I've Learned After Launching 3 eBooks

It can be helpful for you if you own eBooks.

Poonam Sharma
2 min readMar 17, 2024
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Selling ebooks is definitely a new trend. Most creators are selling their ebooks. It helps the creator to earn money, and the audience to learn from their favorite creator.

I launched my first ebook in September 2023, and until then, I launched 3 ebooks. By selling more than 40 copies, I've learned some important lessons about selling ebooks.

Let's talk about them here.

1 — Focus on your target audience

Right or wrong products matter a lot when it comes to ebook selling. If your product is good and helps your target audience, it will sell like hotcakes. But if you choose the wrong niche and your target audience doesn't relate to your product, your product will fail.

So before creating the product, research your target audience well and find the problem they are facing and what solution they want. This will help you with a successful product

2— eBooks are a long-term investment

eBooks give you real passive income, for sure. Maybe you have written and launched the ebook 2 years ago, but you are still getting sales for it. Maybe in 1st month, you don't get any sales, but that doesn't mean it's a failed experiment.

It takes time for people to find your work, trust you, and make a purchase. So, if you launched your ebook a long time ago or recently, consider it a long-term investment while writing and launching.

Don't stress out about instant sales.

3 — Promoting your ebooks often

Shamelessly promoting is a good thing if you are a creator.

Many creators feel bad even promoting their own stuff because they think they are spamming people with sales emails. But you are a creator, and you have to promote your stuff. You've worked hard, and people who are willing to buy from you do not have any problem with sales email.

The only thing you have to focus on is give and then take. Make sure to give value first before selling. Don't be afraid of selling your ebooks, and plug the link whenever possible.



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