March Diaries: How Much I Made this Month and More.

It's the best month so far and Q2 has started.

Poonam Sharma
3 min readApr 3, 2024
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I usually don't post stuff like this. But I tried new things in March, so I thought I would share this with you all.

March was one of the best months so far and very kind to me. It starts slow but ends with a bang. I started grabbing the opportunity I was getting, which made me leave my comfort zone again.

Let's start today's blog.

Here’s some highlights from my March.

  • I took my first custom Notion template order and enjoyed working on the project. I thought I would not like building custom notion templates, and that's why I have avoided custom orders for a long time. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and am ready to take on more orders. Also, my client is very satisfied with my work.
  • One day, I got an email from a solo founder who liked the tweets on my profile. She likes my tone and casual tweets and asks if I can write for her brands. At first, I was very nervous, as I had never done anything like that. I took the project by taking a leap of faith in myself. I completed the project and she was very happy with my work.
  • I got a message on Fiverr about the custom Notion template. As of now, I was open to taking orders so I replied and after one week of discussion, I closed the deal. I took this order through Fiverr so I'm yet to complete the project but the client is very sweet.
  • I posted very few blogs on Medium, and I got no sales on my ebooks from Medium. So, I'll focus on Medium in April. Also, Medium restricted my account to check if it was generous. I get my profile back in a day but it affects the profile's reach.
  • I have watched Netflix and Amazon Prime so much. I spend most of my time watching horror, my favorite genre. Also some bittersweet and feel-good dramas.
  • I made about $600 selling the Notion template. Most sales come from my email list, Gumroad Discover, and Notion Gallery. I did the very least promotion in March and it affects my sales. I haven't done any giveaways, so April may be better for Notion Biz.
  • I purchased very cool home decor from Amazon one was a sunset lamp my ultimate favorite, and a fake plant and hanging wood self. I somehow liked all the products.

That’s it. How was your march?



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