How I Made $500 in Revenue as a Passive Income from My Side Hustle.

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Poonam Sharma
5 min readJun 12, 2023
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Who doesn't like passive income? Income that comes passively always brings joy to us. I was always fascinated by the idea of passive income. And I wanted to try something that could give me a side income with my main business.

I achieved that goal by becoming a Notion creator. It's been 3 months as a Notion creator, and I've launched 12 products since then.

Not only that, but I also made a good revenue last month. I've made around $350 in just the last 20 days. And for me, that's a big number if I'm only doing it as a side hustle.

Enough of talks; let's get to the point of how I get success in building a profitable notion business as a side hustle. I'll let you know all my tips here. Keep reading.

1. Build an audience

Your first step should always be to build an audience. You can't survive without having an audience. But don’t just blindly follow this tip. First, you've to discover where your audience hangs out the most.

First, you need to know which platform can give you the best conversion. For some people, Twitter works best; for some, Notion marketplace works best, and in my case, Facebook works best.

So research the audience of every platform, talk to fellow creators about what is working best for them, and choose the platform according to your templates.

Some creator takes 3 to 4 months to build their first product because they want it to be perfect. But listen, guys; perfection is a myth. I'm saying this after being a Virgo. So don't chase perfection. Your craft will certainly get better with time. Focus on the problem and build your template as the solution.

What did I do?

I was too clueless at the start; I was not smart enough to build an audience, but later, I realized building an audience should be the first goal.

2. Promote your product more often

Many creators have good products, but they suck at marketing. So here are some tips on how to market your product.

#1: Launch your product on different platforms separately after building it. I first launch my product to the email list; then, I go for Facebook posts. After that, I do a Twitter giveaway or Product Hunt launch.

This way, you develop confidence in the product.

#2: Don’t just stop doing giveaways of any new product after just one go. Think of it like this: your audience is always growing, and the community is always growing, so there are always new people to take your product.

I've seen many creators only post one giveaway of a product, and after that, they don’t do a second giveaway of the product. This way, they kill all the upcoming potential customers.

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What did I do?

After launching my first product, I posted it once, and as you read my last blog, I got sick after that. Coming back after a month, I posted about it again, and I realized that all the people interested in my product were new, and that made me realize I could post about the same product again and again.

So now I often do post about my products.

3. Build your email list

I've always read that building an email list is the best thing we can do in an online business, and I was sure that an email list would work for me.

So, my first goal was to build a big email list so that I have more people. And that's why I've taken audiences from everywhere. I took people from Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Even after my product went live on the Notion gallery, I didn't put a price on it because I wanted to take some audience from there. My goal is to build my email list big, not more money.

4. Build a loyal audience

Building an audience is not enough. You need to build a loyal audience. And for that, first, you need to give value for free. Create 3 to 4 freebies in the beginning, and keep your freebie top-notch. And with these freebies, attract as many people as you can.

After that, when you are done building a loyal audience, launch your paid product. I've launched 4 paid products yet. And all of them performed very well because people already loved my freebies, and that's the main factor behind people buying my paid product.

Hope this blog was helpful.

See you in the next blog.

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