How I Made $150 with a Custom Notion Template Order

I’m happy I took the chance.

Poonam Sharma
3 min readApr 1, 2024
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I was a little inactive here for the last few weeks. I've many reasons behind it. But let's not talk to them right now. So, starting in March, something good happened. I finally closed my first custom Notion template deal.

You may know I started as a Notion creator last year, and in August 2023, I also uploaded a gig on Fiverr to make custom Notion templates for others.

The good thing is I started getting leads through Fiverr and my existing customers for custom orders.

But somehow, I was not convinced I could do it. I left freelancing because it's time-consuming, so going back to that scenario was not part of the plan.

So, I refuse so many gigs of custom Notion templates. But at one point, I had enough Notion templates in my shop, and now, as I love to create Notion templates, I can't just keep creating for my shop, So I thought of getting some custom orders.

One day, I received an email from my existing customer that she liked my work and asked if I could make a custom Notion template for her.

I thought to take this. I sent the mail saying yes, I can make the template.

I didn't mail back after that, and 5 days later, I thought I was already late in replying, so I didn't think the person was still waiting for me. I let it go, but one day, I received a message that if I was still interested in doing the project.

I said to myself. That’s it, Poonam, go for it. Whatever happens, you have to try. The result doesn't matter; the process does.

I have decided to go with the project. I asked for half the upfront payment, and the client was so kind as to pay the entire amount in advance.

So now I'm fully working on my first custom Notion template. It is almost complete. The client likes the template ( she is very sweet and generous ), and I'm happy I can fulfil her requirements.

I'm happy I took this chance and figured out I also like to build templates for others.

So, this was the story of my first custom order for a Notion template. If you've any questions you can ask them in the comment section.



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