How I Hit $5042 in Revenue on Gumroad Selling Digital Products

A roadmap to take you from $1 to $5042.

Poonam Sharma
3 min readApr 28, 2024
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If you have been reading my blogs here for a long time, you must know that I sell Notion templates and ebooks on Gumroad.

I've shared my unfiltered journey from $100 to $1k and further. Today, I'm going to share my $5k journey selling Notion templates.

Let's start

How my journey has started

One day, I came across a post on LinkedIn that said he was making $$$ by selling Notion templates. I was surprised someone could make this much money by selling templates.

I installed Notion but can't figure out how and why people use these templates until I figure out there is a duplicate option where you can duplicate the template to your workspace and use that template for that specific thing.

I went to Easlo Gumroad shop and got a freebie. The freebie was so valuable. It has a step-by-step process for how to be a notion creator. I joined the Notion communities and researched what people like and how I can get a wider audience.

How did I get my first sale?

After working for almost 2 weeks, I launched my first template life planner. The response was amazing on the first day itself. I got my first sale after 6 hours of launch without any audience building.

When I say this, some people say that I got lucky, but the thing is, I researched everything and spent time on each platform to taste the market.

If someone says Internet money is easy, don't believe them. It's tougher than real-life money, but if you have the right mindset, everything will come to you.

How do I get the first boost?

Two months after starting, I finally launched my first paid product on Product Hunt. Again, with research and effort, I got featured in their newsletter and hit $100 on my Gumroad shop.

This gave me access to my mailing list, and I already collected about 1800 emails in my list.

So now I have an email list to boost my sales. That was the first month I made $300 by selling the Notion template.

How I hit $1k a month

This was the turning point. Ever since I started, I have always dreamt of hitting $1k, and finally, in December 2023, I achieved it. I didn't do anything different, but my hard work of 7 months got me this.

So this was my story now I've made more than $6k selling Notion templates from both my shops.

Good luck to you on your journey if you've decided to start.



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