3 Ways to Make Money as a Notion Creator

You can monetize your Notion skills in many ways.

Poonam Sharma
2 min readMar 16, 2024
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Learning Notion can benefit you if you want to earn online. There are many ways to make money as a Notion creator. Most Notion creators start with something and end up doing something else. It's all about finding the best in the process.

Once you learn to use Notion and make an efficient template, you can jump into different ways of earning from Notion.

Here are 3 ways most Notion creators use to monetize their skills.

1. Selling notion template

It's where most Notion creators start. Starting with selling Notion templates helps you build a customer base and portfolio. Even these customers can turn into clients for your custom template.

You can make your Notion template in 2 ways.

One is you do market research and build a template with a lot of demand.

Second, if you are already a Notion user, launch something you have already used with some significant changes. I know many notion creators who start like that. It saves a lot of time and if the template is solving your problem, it can solve others as well.

You can start selling on Gumroad or Creative Fabrica. They are easy to use and free platforms.

2. Making custom templates for others

Once you are set up with selling Notion templates and start earning passive income, you can jump to making custom templates for others. Getting clients here is easier than other services because the competition is still very low.

You can start with Fiverr. Getting leads through Fiverr is easy; you just have to set up your gig. I set up my gig on Fiverr, and I got 3 to 4 leads in my first month, although later, I decided not to go with freelancing because I wanted to focus more on selling Notion templates.

3. Consulting

It's the last step in your Notion journey. You can start with Notion consulting if you have built a good reputation in the Notion niche. Notion consultant charges very high. To get clients for consulting, you've to rely on social media.

I haven't explored consulting opportunities in Notion, but my fellow creators are doing it. To get clients, you have to build authority with your content and product in a Notion niche.

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