3 Tips You Need to Know to Grow on Twitter

The secret sauce of your growth.

Poonam Sharma
2 min readMay 6, 2024
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It's been a long time since I posted anything about Twitter growth. The reason was that, in the past few months, I’ve been less active on Twitter. In fact, my growth was slow because of that.

But I stopped looking at numbers a long time ago. I just know there are people who look forward to my work and appreciate my work. So, I just don't take much stress about audience building.

Here’s 3 tips if you want to grow your audience on Twitter.

1. Be nice to others

It may seem like unusual advice, but let me tell you it's very essential to follow on social media. On Twitter, people want to see a real and generous you. Even if you have a big following, if you're rude to people, and if you don't show gratitude toward your audience, your audience will ditch you.

They want people who can motivate them and give them value by being nice to them. So, always be sweet to people online. I'm not saying to pretend, but showing your true personality is necessary.

2. Don't be obsessed with numbers

I know having good numbers boosts your confidence and makes you happy, but don't be obsessed with numbers. I never give any attention to my followers after 100 followers. I don't care if 100 people unfollow me in one day; I just want to share my journey with people who will listen to me generously.

So don't chase numbers on Twitter; instead, focus on monetizing your audience. And make sure you're building an engaging audience.

3. Don't be desperate

I see many creators are so dedicated to everything. This makes them do unethical things like going for follow-for-follow tricks and posting useless content. But you'll not be able to earn money with these things.

If you can't monetize your audience, there is no sense of audience building, so try to build a small but true audience.

If you really want to start posting on Twitter but need help to be consistent, I've made a Twitter consistency system for you.



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